Commit ec5145dd authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

change fprintf into SU_DEBUG (very annoying to have stderr on the console)

parent 6dfe37ed
......@@ -188,8 +188,8 @@ void stun_mini_request(stun_mini_t *mini,
sprintf(buffer, "<af=%u>", (unsigned)sin->sin_family);
fprintf(stderr, "stun %s from %s:%u\n",
verdict ? verdict : "request", buffer, ntohs(sin->sin_port));
SU_DEBUG_1(("stun %s from %s:%u\n",
verdict ? verdict : "request", buffer, ntohs(sin->sin_port)));
if (verdict)
......@@ -227,12 +227,12 @@ int process_3489_request(stun_mini_t *mini,
int change_address = 0;
if (stun_parse_message(request) < 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "stun: error parsing request\n");
SU_DEBUG_1(("stun: error parsing request\n"));
return STUN_400_BAD_REQUEST;
if (request->stun_hdr.msg_type != BINDING_REQUEST) {
fprintf(stderr, "stun: not binding request\n");
SU_DEBUG_1(("stun: not binding request\n"));
return 0;
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