Commit edf8ec71 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

Dox fix to msg_header_replace().

parent 2cd57d48
......@@ -2742,10 +2742,11 @@ int msg_header_remove_all(msg_t *msg, msg_pub_t *pub, msg_header_t *h)
* @param msg message object owning the fragment chain
* @param pub public message structure to which header is added
* @param replaces old header to be removed
* @param replaced old header to be removed
* @param h list of header(s) to be added
int msg_header_replace(msg_t *msg, msg_pub_t *pub,
int msg_header_replace(msg_t *msg,
msg_pub_t *pub,
msg_header_t *replaced,
msg_header_t *h)
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