Commit fd916b63 authored by Pekka Pessi's avatar Pekka Pessi

nua_session.c: fixed sdp handling with OPTIONS.

parent 200c70fe
......@@ -3382,9 +3382,9 @@ int session_include_description(soa_session_t *soa,
su_home_t *home = msg_home(msg);
sip_content_disposition_t *cd;
sip_content_type_t *ct;
sip_payload_t *pl;
sip_content_disposition_t *cd = NULL;
sip_content_type_t *ct = NULL;
sip_payload_t *pl = NULL;
int retval;
......@@ -3430,6 +3430,8 @@ int session_make_description(su_home_t *home,
*return_ct = sip_content_type_make(home, SDP_MIME_TYPE);
if (session)
*return_cd = sip_content_disposition_make(home, "session");
*return_cd = NULL;
if (!*return_pl || !*return_cd)
return -1;
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