Commit fe31c23d authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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add max-forward to BYE generated by nta_msg_ackbye()

parent 51dcb094
......@@ -3731,6 +3731,7 @@ int nta_msg_ackbye(nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t *msg)
url_string_t const *ruri;
nta_outgoing_t *ack = NULL, *bye = NULL;
sip_cseq_t *cseq;
sip_max_forwards_t *mf;
sip_request_t *rq;
sip_route_t *route = NULL, *r, r0[1];
su_home_t *home = msg_home(amsg);
......@@ -3794,6 +3795,10 @@ int nta_msg_ackbye(nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t *msg)
goto err;
msg_header_insert(bmsg, (msg_pub_t *)bsip, (msg_header_t *)cseq);
if (!(mf = sip_max_forwards_make(home, "70")))
goto err;
msg_header_insert(bmsg, (msg_pub_t *)bsip, (msg_header_t *)mf);
if (!(rq = sip_request_create(home, SIP_METHOD_BYE, ruri, NULL)))
goto err;
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