1. 13 Dec, 2007 1 commit
  2. 27 Apr, 2007 2 commits
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      lcov-report: do not 'fix' the usemap · aabdcb71
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      lcov: updated usage · 41bd7786
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      Made rules/lcov.am suitable for different projects.
      Removed rules/coverage.am, rules/covcheck.am, scripts/add-coverage
      Added scripts/lcov-report, which has functionality previously in the
      lcov-report makefile target.
      Added m4/sac-coverage.am for autoconf macros used by rules/lcov.am.
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      Moved public include files to sofia-sip subdirectories. · 41286754
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      All public include files installed in ${sofiadir} are now in sofia-sip
      subdirectories. They are installed to ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip, too.
      ${sofiadir} is defined by configure script relative to your ${prefix}, by
      default ${sofidir} is ${prefix}/include/sofia-sip-1.11. The default prefix
      is /usr/local and ${sofiadir} is /usr/local/include/sofia-sip-1.11. When
      using package manager, the ${prefix} is usually /usr and ${sofiadir} is
      The public include files should be referenced using sofia-sip path, e.g.,
      You can either fix your applications to use the new include file names
      with the fix-include-sofia-sip sed script found in scripts/ directory, or
      add both ${sofiadir} and ${sofiadir}/sofia-sip into your include path,
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      Cleaned up output. · 9f524e37
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