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Oops. Forgot to add speex_jitter_buffer.h

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/* Copyright (C) 2002 Jean-Marc Valin */
@file speex_jitter_buffer.h
@brief Adaptive jitter buffer for Speex packets only
#include <speex/speex_jitter.h>
#include <speex/speex.h>
/** @defgroup SpeexJitter SpeexJitter: Adaptive jitter buffer specifically for Speex
* This is the jitter buffer that reorders UDP/RTP packets and adjusts the buffer size
* to maintain good quality and low latency. This is a simplified version that works only
* with Speex, but is much easier to use.
* @{
/** Speex jitter-buffer state. Never use it directly! */
typedef struct SpeexJitter {
SpeexBits current_packet; /**< Current Speex packet */
int valid_bits; /**< True if Speex bits are valid */
JitterBuffer *packets; /**< Generic jitter buffer state */
void *dec; /**< Pointer to Speex decoder */
spx_int32_t frame_size; /**< Frame size of Speex decoder */
} SpeexJitter;
/** Initialise jitter buffer
* @param jitter State of the Speex jitter buffer
* @param decoder Speex decoder to call
* @param sampling_rate Sampling rate used by the decoder
void speex_jitter_init(SpeexJitter *jitter, void *decoder, int sampling_rate);
/** Destroy jitter buffer */
void speex_jitter_destroy(SpeexJitter *jitter);
/** Put one packet into the jitter buffer */
void speex_jitter_put(SpeexJitter *jitter, char *packet, int len, int timestamp);
/** Get one packet from the jitter buffer */
void speex_jitter_get(SpeexJitter *jitter, spx_int16_t *out, int *start_offset);
/** Get pointer timestamp of jitter buffer */
int speex_jitter_get_pointer_timestamp(SpeexJitter *jitter);
#ifdef __cplusplus
/* @} */
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