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some instructions

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This is a VERY SIMPLE Speex VoIP client. It is not a complete VoIP application,
isn't compatible with anything else (including probably future versions of
itself) and does not support any form of standard protocols. It is intended
only as a way to show how to use Speex in a VoIP application.
To use it:
On Alices machine:
% speexclient plughw:0,0 alice_port bob_port
On Bob's machine:
% speexclient plughw:0,0 bob_port alice_port
where bob_port is the UDP port on which bob receives and alice_port is the
UDP port on which alice receives. In most cases, the two ports can be the same.
Note that the clients do not even know whether they are connected or not. All
they do is send/receive the audio to/from a specific port.
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