Commit abe5e322 authored by Pascal Buhler's avatar Pascal Buhler

travis: fix mips build to use correct host

The host is the OS that the binary will run on,
this ensures that CPU_RISC is set to true.

Run all test with make runtest.
parent 07413971
......@@ -107,12 +107,11 @@ matrix:
- sudo docker exec --tty mipsX apt-get install build-essential -y
- sudo docker exec --tty mipsX apt-get install gcc-mips-linux-gnu -y
- sudo docker exec --tty mipsX bash -c 'EXTRA_CFLAGS=-static CC=mips-linux-gnu-gcc ./configure --host=x86_64-linux-gnu'
- sudo docker exec --tty mipsX bash -c 'EXTRA_CFLAGS=-static CC=mips-linux-gnu-gcc ./configure --host=mips-linux-gnu'
- sudo docker exec --tty mipsX make
- sudo docker kill mipsX
- file test/srtp_driver
- test/srtp_driver -v
- file test/test_srtp
- test/test_srtp
- make runtest
# coverity scan
- os: linux
......@@ -157,8 +157,8 @@ endif
crypto_testapp = $(AES_CALC) crypto/test/cipher_driver$(EXE) \
crypto/test/datatypes_driver$(EXE) crypto/test/kernel_driver$(EXE) \
crypto/test/sha1_driver$(EXE) \
crypto/test/sha1_driver$(EXE) crypto/test/stat_driver$(EXE) \
testapp = $(crypto_testapp) test/srtp_driver$(EXE) test/replay_driver$(EXE) \
test/roc_driver$(EXE) test/rdbx_driver$(EXE) test/rtpw$(EXE) \
......@@ -207,10 +207,7 @@ crypto/test/cipher_driver$(EXE): crypto/test/cipher_driver.c test/getopt_s.c
crypto/test/kernel_driver$(EXE): crypto/test/kernel_driver.c test/getopt_s.c
crypto/test/rand_gen$(EXE): crypto/test/rand_gen.c test/getopt_s.c
crypto/test/rand_gen_soak$(EXE): crypto/test/rand_gen_soak.c test/getopt_s.c
crypto/test/env$(EXE): crypto/test/env.c test/getopt_s.c
test: $(testapp)
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