Commit ac9ebfbd authored by Pascal Buhler's avatar Pascal Buhler

add extern to global variables

Prevents multiple definitions. Depending on linker
it was possible that there would be one definition per
compilation unit.
parent 06a314e9
......@@ -44,38 +44,38 @@
* cipher types that can be included in the kernel
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_null_cipher;
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_128;
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_256;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_null_cipher;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_128;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_256;
#ifdef OPENSSL
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_192;
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_gcm_128_openssl;
const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_gcm_256_openssl;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_icm_192;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_gcm_128_openssl;
extern const srtp_cipher_type_t srtp_aes_gcm_256_openssl;
* auth func types that can be included in the kernel
const srtp_auth_type_t srtp_null_auth;
const srtp_auth_type_t srtp_hmac;
extern const srtp_auth_type_t srtp_null_auth;
extern const srtp_auth_type_t srtp_hmac;
* other generic debug modules that can be included in the kernel
srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_auth;
srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_cipher;
srtp_debug_module_t mod_stat;
srtp_debug_module_t mod_alloc;
extern srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_auth;
extern srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_cipher;
extern srtp_debug_module_t mod_stat;
extern srtp_debug_module_t mod_alloc;
/* debug modules for cipher types */
srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_aes_icm;
extern srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_aes_icm;
#ifdef OPENSSL
srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_aes_gcm;
extern srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_aes_gcm;
/* debug modules for auth types */
srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_hmac;
extern srtp_debug_module_t srtp_mod_hmac;
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