Commit b3b680c9 authored by Pascal Bühler's avatar Pascal Bühler

Update changes preparing for 2.2.0 release

parent 5ec1baa7
......@@ -2,7 +2,63 @@ Changelog
2.2.0-pre (This version)
No code changes yet merged into master for this release.
Major changes
All code has been re format to be consistent. A .clang-format file and script has been added that can be use to verify and enforce consistent formatting. An automated check on code formatting is now part of travis build.
Other changes
PR #409 - Compatibilty with LibreSSL
PR #406 - Fix unprotect when pktlen < (2*mki_size + tag_len)
PR #405 - Prevent potential double free
PR #404 - Add back extern to global variables
PR #403 - Set gcm IV directly with EVP_CipherInit_ex
PR #401 - Fix memory access issue in srtp_get_session_keys()
PR #398 - Fix memory access fixes when invalid profiles where used
PR #391 - Return NULL when allocating memory of size zero
PR #390 - Bitvector of length zero is not valid
PR #385 - Treat warnings as errors on travis builds
PR #388 - Moved externs from crypto_kernel into its own header
PR #379 - Fixed several compiler warnings from Firefox builds
PR #377 - Removed variable init code in rdbx which never gets used
PR #381 - Added error in case the platform is not detected
PR #376 - Add coverity scan to travis builds
PR #374 - Add a big endian build on travis
PR #373 - Fixed buffer size issue in test/srtp_driver.c
PR #372 - Make rtp_decoder compile on MinGW
PR #367 - Rename to
PR #365 - Replace calls to free() with srtp_crypto_free()
PR #364 - Add valgrind to travis and fix leaks in tests
PR #363 - Change smtp_crypto_alloc to initialize memory to zero
PR #354 - Fix potential leak if cloning of stream fails
PR #340 - Fix potential leak in srtp_add_stream()
PR #323 - Fix running test in out of source builds
Issue #316 - Remove VERSION file
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