test_srtp.c: Use #define instead of static const

Prevents generating warnings with clang (warning: variable length array
folded to constant array as an extension [-Wgnu-folding-constant])

This is also a better alternative from a portability point of view.
parent b1f93148
......@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ void srtp_calc_aead_iv_srtcp_distinct_iv_per_sequence_number()
// Preconditions
// Test each significant bit high in each full byte.
static const size_t SAMPLE_COUNT = 3;
#define SAMPLE_COUNT (3)
srtp_session_keys_t session_keys;
srtcp_hdr_t header;
v128_t output_iv[SAMPLE_COUNT];
......@@ -181,4 +181,5 @@ void srtp_calc_aead_iv_srtcp_distinct_iv_per_sequence_number()
for (i = 0; i < SAMPLE_COUNT; i++) {
TEST_CHECK(memcmp(&final_iv[i], &output_iv[i], sizeof(v128_t)) == 0);
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