Commit 1fef24a0 authored by Martin Storsjo's avatar Martin Storsjo

Add a NOTICE file

This contains the relevant parts of frameworks/base/NOTICE
from Android, according to section 4 d of the apache license.
parent abea8047
......@@ -118,7 +118,8 @@ noinst_HEADERS += wavreader.h
EXTRA_DIST = $(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/*.cpp $(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/*.mk \
EXTRA_DIST = $(top_srcdir)/NOTICE \
$(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/*.cpp $(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/*.mk \
$(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/SampleCode $(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/build \
$(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/doc $(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/*.txt \
$(top_srcdir)/amrwbenc/src/cmnMemory.c $(top_srcdir)/common/*.mk
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