Commit 22ac3742 authored by Nick Kralevich's avatar Nick Kralevich Committed by Martin Storsjo

Upstream commit "hardening: eliminate more .text relocations"

In 74bc3e133bd59a65dbed70b5fc89549f04a545e2, a bunch of text relocations
were cleaned up from amrwbenc. Looks like we forgot one.  Fixed.

Change-Id: I80d4c68be435c3461731374d2b6d3bdbd61354a5

Adapted from upstream commit c40e9b86092e67f245ba8f05244f578b26e49fe2.
parent 8445673d
......@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@ pred_lt4_asm:
SUBLT r5, r5, #2 @x--
SUB r5, r5, #30 @x -= 15
RSB r4, r2, #3 @k = 3 - frac
LDR r6, Table
ADRL r8, Table
LDR r6, [r8]
ADD r6, r8
MOV r8, r4, LSL #6
@MOV r7, #0 @j = 0
ADD r8, r6, r8 @ptr2 = &(inter4_2[k][0])
......@@ -451,7 +453,7 @@ pred_lt4_end:
LDMFD r13!, {r4 - r12, r15}
.word voAWB_inter4_2
.word voAWB_inter4_2-Table
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