Commit c15a1d24 authored by Martin Storsjo's avatar Martin Storsjo
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Remove a useless check

Since the Length field is unsigned, the comparison will always
be false. The corresponding code in the aac encoder doesn't have
any check for Length.

This avoids a warning about comparison always being false,
if building with -W (as the source is built in android).
parent 2bf74f68
......@@ -1702,7 +1702,7 @@ VO_U32 VO_API voAMRWB_SetInputData(
gData = (Coder_State *)hCodec;
stream = gData->stream;
if(NULL == pInput || NULL == pInput->Buffer || 0 > pInput->Length)
if(NULL == pInput || NULL == pInput->Buffer)
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