Commit dfc1623e authored by James Dong's avatar James Dong Committed by Martin Storsjo

Upstream commit "Report call status from AudioSource::start() to file writer"

Change-Id: I5109dc87a92170dede4eaa58b039efe6d8b7c330

Adapted from upstream commit 02b32fc33aca18e6a91a6216ce5d932d348d184c.
parent 05114fa9
......@@ -137,8 +137,12 @@ status_t AMRWBEncoder::start(MetaData *params) {
CHECK_EQ(OK, initCheck());
mNumFramesOutput = 0;
status_t err = mSource->start(params);
if (err != OK) {
LOGE("AudioSource is not available");
return err;
mStarted = true;
return OK;
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