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Complete systemd documentation

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......@@ -61,7 +61,14 @@ If you set `INSTANCE_CUSTOM_THEME` to true, FlexiAPI will try to load a CSS file
We advise you to copy the `style.css` file and rename it to make your custom CSS configurations for your instance.
### SELinux
### systemd restrictions
To retrieve the devices configuration, FlexiAPI connects to the UNIX socket opened by FlexiSIP. The socket is located in the `/tmp` directory.
If you have issues connecting to that socket, please ensure that your PHP process have access to it (user, rights).
The systemd service [PrivateTmp]( setting might restrict that access.
### SELinux restrictions
If you are running on a CentOS/RedHat machine, please ensure that SELinux is correctly configured.
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