Commit c0643e39 authored by johan's avatar johan

Makefile copy php files only

parent ea1afa30
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......@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@ rpm:
mkdir $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager
mkdir -p $(OUTPUT_DIR)/rpmbuild/SPECS
mkdir -p $(OUTPUT_DIR)/rpmbuild/SOURCES
cp -R src/ $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp -R conf/ $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp -R --parents src/**/*.php $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp -R --parents src/api/**/*.php $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp -R --parents conf/*.conf $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp -R httpd/ $(OUTPUT_DIR)/flexisip-account-manager/
cp flexisip-account-manager.spec $(OUTPUT_DIR)/rpmbuild/SPECS/
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