Commit 6474e7a3 authored by Guillaume BIENKOWSKI's avatar Guillaume BIENKOWSKI

Add /usr/local to xsd hints when compiling on Mac

parent cd4a76bf
......@@ -52,9 +52,13 @@ option(ENABLE_STATIC "Build static library (default is shared library)." NO)
option(ENABLE_TRANSCODER "Build transcoder support" YES)
cmake_dependent_option(ENABLE_SPECIFIC_FEATURES "Enable mediarelay specific features" OFF "ENABLE_TRANSCODER" OFF)
set(XSDCXX_ROOT_PATH "/usr" CACHE STRING "Path of where the bin/xsdcxx executable will be found. Comes from On mac use 'brew install xsd'")
set(SYSCONFIGROOT "" CACHE STRING "Config directory, the place where flexisip expects its flexisip.conf file to reside" )
list(APPEND XSDCXX_ROOT_PATH "/usr/local")
message(STATUS "Config dir: ${CONFIG_DIR}")
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