CMakeLists.txt: disable SNMP by default

parent 1296d25a
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ option(ENABLE_PRESENCE "Build presence support" NO)
option(ENABLE_PROTOBUF "Build with protobuf support" NO)
option(ENABLE_PUSHNOTIFICATION "Build with remote push notification support" YES)
option(ENABLE_REDIS "Build with Redis support" NO)
option(ENABLE_SNMP "Build with SNMP support" YES)
option(ENABLE_SNMP "Build with SNMP support" NO)
option(ENABLE_SOCI "Build with SOCI support" YES)
option(ENABLE_STATIC "Build static library (default is shared library)." NO)
option(ENABLE_TRANSCODER "Build transcoder support" YES)
......@@ -895,7 +895,6 @@ int Agent::messageCallback(nta_agent_magic_t *context, nta_agent_t *agent, msg_t
void Agent::idle() {
LOGD("in Agent::idle()");
for_each(mModules.begin(), mModules.end(), mem_fun(&Module::idle));
if (GenericManager::get()->mNeedRestart) {
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