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      Merge branch 'feature/contextual_logs' · ac5d11c2
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      Merge branch 'master' into feature/contextual_logs · 951b8267
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      Deep rework of flexisip's logging and sip boolean expressions, introducing a... · aac1f108
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      Deep rework of flexisip's logging and sip boolean expressions, introducing a new feature: contextual logs.
      With more details:
      - the boolean expression parser/builder is now generic and could be applied to anything (not just sip message)
      - the variables and operators supported by the boolean expressions can easily by extended thanks to map of lambdas.
      - the boolean expression builder no longer does any kind of parsing when evaluating expressions. Everything is parsed once and the object representation is then used to perform evaluations. So it is faster than before.
      - clear out the previous flexisip::log preinit() and init(), which were hardly understandable, and replace them with a LogManager singleton.
      - a new global/log-directory settings allows to set the directory where logs are written
      - the logs files are now named consistently with the systemd service name, for clarity: flexisip-proxy.log flexisip-presence.log flexisip-conference.log. (Was previously FlexisipLogs_proxy.log)
      - a new global/contextual-log-filter setting allows to set SIP boolean expression conditionning the output of contextual logs.
      - a new global/contextual-log-level setting allows to set the log level when the contextual-log-filter is matched.
      - log directory is now automatically created by the rpm and deb packages.
      - a bc-tester style test suite is added, for now it just tests the boolean expression engine. The goal of the test suite is to test low level features of flexisip. It does not intend to replace the "Flexisip" tests suite of liblinphone_tester. We need linphone to test flexisip.
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      Update sofia-sip. · ca559801
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      Fix an issue where an invalid SQL request was passed to server because the... · 89d2153f
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      Fix an issue where an invalid SQL request was passed to server because the list of phone numbers (:phones) was empty.
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      Rework the way GRUU support is implemented. · c04fcf0b
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      * define two functions in RegistrarDb to convert a sip.instance to gr parameter and vice versa, used everywhere needed
      * set the pub-gruu into the ExtendedContact, instead of synthetize when generating the 200 Ok response
      * Fix an issue where the null character was accidentally inserted at the end of a c++ string, causing an ostringstream to stop (when printing ExtendedContact's paths).
      * Eliminate useless code.
      The initial goal of this rework is to allow a SIP client to REGISTER with a GRUU address as contact.
      This wasn't possible because Flexisip was confusing the gr parameter it was computing and the gr parameter set by the client in the Contact header.
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