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This is Linphone, a free (GPL) video softphone based on the SIP protocol.

******************Building linphone on linux ***********************************
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- you need at least:
		- libosip2>=3.0.3
		- libeXosip2>=3.0.3
		- speex>=1.1.6
		- libreadline
	+ gsm codec (gsm source package or libgsm-dev or gsm-devel) (optional)
	+ if you want to gtk interface:
		- gtk>=2.4.0
	+ if you want video support:
		- SDL>=1.2.10
		- libavcodec (ffmpeg) from a year 2007 or later cvs

with their corresponding -dev or -devel package if you don't use source packages.

************************************** user documentation *********************
go to linphone's web site:

******************************** DEVELOPER documentation ********************

Here is a short description of the content of the source tree.

- oRTP/ is a poweful implementation of the RTP protocol. See the oRTP/README for more details. 
	It is used by the mediastreamer to send and receive streams to the network.

- mediastreamer2/ is one of the important part of linphone. It is a framework library for audio 
	and video processing. It contains several objects for grabing audio and video and outputing
	it (through rtp, to file).
	It contains also codec objects to compress audio and video streams.
  The mediastream.h files contain routines to easyly setup audio streams.

- mediastreamer/ is deprecated.

- media_api/ is going to be an easy to use library to handle audio and video session. It uses 
	the mediastreamer at the backend to do the processing. It is going to be the only interface
	between the core application and the mediastreamer. At the moment this library is still in
	early stages of development and is unused by the core application.

- coreapi/ is the central point of linphone, which handles relationship between sip signalisation and media
  streaming. It contains an easy to use api to create a sip phone.

- gtk/	is the directory that contains the gui frontend of linphone. It uses all libraries descibed above.

- console/
	* linphonec.c is the main file for the console version of linphone.
	* sipomatic.c / sipomatic.h contains the code for sipomatic, the test program that auto-answer to linphone calls. If you want to understand
		how linphone runs, this is a good start example.
- share/ contains translation, documentation, rings and hello sound files.