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    Implement FlexiAPI REST API · 0666fba9
    Timothée Jaussoin authored
    Split some common code between the XMLRPC and REST API in utils files
    Do not create local variable named mRequestCallbacks in AccountCreatorFlexiAPI constructor
    Do create objects with new and delete them using free
    Complete endpoints integration
    Add a new flexiapi_url config variable in the LinphoneCore configuration
    Split account creator tests in two, local and xmlrpc ones
    Cleanup and remove unused code
    Echap some URL parameters in FlexiAPIClient
    Rename XMLRPC specific methods
    Implement more FlexiSIP endpoints in the account manager
    Create a new Account Creator FlexiAPI test suit
    Put in common some functions of the Account Creator test suits
    Complete FlexiAPIClient and the related account creator connectors
    Load libjsoncpp properly
    Fix response parameter in FlexiAPIClient responses
    Use the new callback event system in the XMLRPC tests
    Rename a few methods
    Add comments to make some code more explicit
    Pass jsoncpp to object
    Add XCODE static/object for jsoncpp
    Move the account_cre...
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