Commit 01506f4f authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Do not defer call update for ICE candidates gathering when the ICE session...

Do not defer call update for ICE candidates gathering when the ICE session returned that gathering is not needed.
parent 7cf7f503
......@@ -743,12 +743,13 @@ int linphone_core_gather_ice_candidates(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call){
if ((ai != NULL) && (nat_policy != NULL)
&& (linphone_nat_policy_stun_enabled(nat_policy) || linphone_nat_policy_turn_enabled(nat_policy))) {
bool_t gathering_in_progress;
ms_message("ICE: gathering candidate from [%s] using %s", server, linphone_nat_policy_turn_enabled(nat_policy) ? "TURN" : "STUN");
/* Gather local srflx candidates. */
ice_session_enable_turn(call->ice_session, linphone_nat_policy_turn_enabled(nat_policy));
ice_session_set_stun_auth_requested_cb(call->ice_session, (MSStunAuthRequestedCb)stun_auth_requested_cb, call);
ice_session_gather_candidates(call->ice_session, ai->ai_addr, (socklen_t)ai->ai_addrlen);
return 1;
gathering_in_progress = ice_session_gather_candidates(call->ice_session, ai->ai_addr, (socklen_t)ai->ai_addrlen);
return (gathering_in_progress == FALSE) ? 0 : 1;
} else {
ms_message("ICE: bypass candidates gathering");
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Subproject commit b8d8b9dd7323a3043c9c78a053fdf4468123703e
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