Commit 049436e8 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🐮
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Added exports

parent 73763d05
...@@ -1238,11 +1238,11 @@ void linphone_core_set_rtp_no_xmit_on_audio_mute(LinphoneCore *lc, bool_t val); ...@@ -1238,11 +1238,11 @@ void linphone_core_set_rtp_no_xmit_on_audio_mute(LinphoneCore *lc, bool_t val);
/* returns a list of LinphoneCallLog */ /* returns a list of LinphoneCallLog */
const MSList * linphone_core_get_call_logs(LinphoneCore *lc); LINPHONE_PUBLIC const MSList * linphone_core_get_call_logs(LinphoneCore *lc);
void linphone_core_clear_call_logs(LinphoneCore *lc); LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_clear_call_logs(LinphoneCore *lc);
int linphone_core_get_missed_calls_count(LinphoneCore *lc); LINPHONE_PUBLIC int linphone_core_get_missed_calls_count(LinphoneCore *lc);
void linphone_core_reset_missed_calls_count(LinphoneCore *lc); LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_reset_missed_calls_count(LinphoneCore *lc);
void linphone_core_remove_call_log(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCallLog *call_log); LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_remove_call_log(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCallLog *call_log);
/* video support */ /* video support */
bool_t linphone_core_video_supported(LinphoneCore *lc); bool_t linphone_core_video_supported(LinphoneCore *lc);
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