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Fix: RTP sockets shall not bind to ::0 if ipv6 is disabled at core level.

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......@@ -1141,6 +1141,12 @@ string MediaSessionPrivate::getBindIpForStream (int streamIndex) {
* dual stack socket and multicast don't work well on Mac OS (linux is OK, as usual). */
bindIp = (pc->multicastIp.find_first_of(':') == string::npos) ? "" : "::0";
}else if (bindIp.empty()){
/*If ipv6 is not enabled, for listening to The default behavior of mediastreamer when no IP is passed is to try ::0, and in
* case of failure try . But we don't want this if IPv6 is explicitely disabled.*/
if (!linphone_core_ipv6_enabled(q->getCore()->getCCore())){
bindIp = "";
return bindIp;
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