Commit 09627fe9 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Print a warning when updating a call using the current call params.

parent 562bf46f
......@@ -3471,6 +3471,7 @@ int linphone_core_start_update_call(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call){
int linphone_core_update_call(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call, const LinphoneCallParams *params){
int err=0;
LinphoneCallState nextstate, initial_state;
const LinphoneCallParams *current_params;
#if defined(VIDEO_ENABLED) && defined(BUILD_UPNP)
bool_t has_video = FALSE;
......@@ -3501,7 +3502,12 @@ int linphone_core_update_call(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call, const Linpho
ms_error("linphone_core_update_call() is not allowed in [%s] state",linphone_call_state_to_string(call->state));
return -1;
current_params = linphone_call_get_current_params(call);
if ((current_params != NULL) && (current_params == params)) {
ms_warning("linphone_core_update_call() is given the current params of the call, this probably not what you intend to do!");
linphone_call_check_ice_session(call, IR_Controlling, TRUE);
if (params!=NULL){
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