Commit 0abc9efa authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Define adaptive rate control getter/setter in interface too

parent c5a480ef
......@@ -759,6 +759,18 @@ public interface LinphoneCore {
boolean isAdaptiveRateControlEnabled();
* Sets adaptive rate algorithm. It will be used for each new calls
* starting from now. Calls already started will not be updated.
void setAdaptiveRateAlgorithm(AdaptiveRateAlgorithm alg);
* Returns which adaptive rate algorithm is currently configured for
* future calls.
AdaptiveRateAlgorithm getAdaptiveRateAlgorithm();
* Enables or disable echo cancellation.
* @param enable
mediastreamer2 @ a762948d
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Subproject commit a762948dd3e9668d071658557418db571f71c0aa
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