Commit 0c124c48 authored by Guillaume BIENKOWSKI's avatar Guillaume BIENKOWSKI
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Fix logs disable when linphone_core_enable_log_collection is called with FALSE at app start

parent 891010b7
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ static void linphone_core_log_collection_handler(OrtpLogLevel level, const char
char *log_filename2;
FILE *log_file;
struct timeval tp;
struct tm *lt;
struct tm *lt;
time_t tt;
struct stat statbuf;
......@@ -251,6 +251,11 @@ void linphone_core_set_log_collection_upload_server_url(LinphoneCore *core, cons
void linphone_core_enable_log_collection(bool_t enable) {
/* at first call of this function, set liblinphone_log_func to the current
* ortp log function */
if( liblinphone_log_func == NULL ){
liblinphone_log_func = ortp_logv_out;
if ((enable == TRUE) && (liblinphone_log_collection_enabled == FALSE)) {
liblinphone_log_collection_enabled = TRUE;
ortp_mutex_init(&liblinphone_log_collection_mutex, NULL);
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