Commit 0cdd5546 authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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linphonecore.c: fix windows specific (sight) error

parent b0c87802
......@@ -3860,7 +3860,7 @@ int linphone_core_redirect_call(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call, const char
LinphoneAddress *real_parsed_url=linphone_core_interpret_url(lc,redirect_uri);
if (!real_parsed_url){
/* bad url */
ms_error("Bad redirect URI: %s", redirect_uri?:"NULL");
ms_error("Bad redirect URI: %s", redirect_uri?redirect_uri:"NULL");
return -1;
real_url=linphone_address_as_string (real_parsed_url);
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