Commit 0e4136de authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Fix an issue with video when conferencing

parent f04f19ad
......@@ -400,6 +400,8 @@ static void call_updating(SalOp *op){
if (md && !sal_media_description_empty(md))
linphone_core_update_streams (lc,call,md);
if (sal_media_description_has_dir(call->localdesc,SalStreamSendRecv)){
ms_message("Our local status is SalStreamSendRecv");
if (sal_media_description_has_dir (md,SalStreamRecvOnly) || sal_media_description_has_dir(md,SalStreamInactive)){
......@@ -420,7 +422,7 @@ static void call_updating(SalOp *op){
/*accept the modification (sends a 200Ok)*/
linphone_core_update_streams (lc,call,md);
if (prevstate!=LinphoneCallIdle){
linphone_call_set_state (call,prevstate,"Connected (streams running)");
......@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ void linphone_call_add_to_conf(LinphoneCall *call){
LinphoneCore *lc=call->core;
LinphoneConference *conf=&lc->conf_ctx;
MSAudioEndpoint *ep;
call->params.has_video = FALSE;
call->camera_active = FALSE;
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