Commit 1afed9cd authored by Sandrine Avakian's avatar Sandrine Avakian
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Propagating changes from conference and webcam in mediastreamer.

Updating conference as well in linphone.
parent bbcbbc38
......@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ RtpProfile *LocalConference::sMakeDummyProfile(int samplerate){
void LocalConference::addLocalEndpoint() {
/*create a dummy audiostream in order to extract the local part of it */
/* network address and ports have no meaning and are not used here. */
AudioStream *st=audio_stream_new(65000,65001,FALSE);
AudioStream *st=audio_stream_new(65000,65001,FALSE,m_core->factory);
MSSndCard *playcard=m_core->sound_conf.lsd_card ?
m_core->sound_conf.lsd_card : m_core->sound_conf.play_sndcard;
MSSndCard *captcard=m_core->sound_conf.capt_sndcard;
......@@ -516,7 +516,7 @@ int LocalConference::startRecording(const char *path) {
return -1;
if (m_recordEndpoint==NULL){
mediastreamer2 @ 081c581a
Subproject commit 9f7e7fe39f8f6d0a62c5264d2de6bc6c3b2441df
Subproject commit 081c581afc080352651dfbd6c4aefd24b7e2e400
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