Commit 1be0484d authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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do not send full list subcription if a single friend has been edited.

parent 33224631
......@@ -757,9 +757,15 @@ void linphone_friend_apply(LinphoneFriend *fr, LinphoneCore *lc) {
fr->inc_subscribe_pending = FALSE;
#if 0
/*triggering a list subscription update from here is probably not a good idea, as linphone_friend_done() may be called
* for thousand of LinphoneFriend sequentially.
* It is preferable that the application calls linphone_friend_list_update_subscriptions() once it has performmed
* all modifications to friends in the list.*/
if (fr->lc) {
linphone_friend_list_update_subscriptions(fr->friend_list, NULL, linphone_core_should_subscribe_friends_only_when_registered(fr->lc));
ms_debug("linphone_friend_apply() done.");
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