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Enable to build linphone with SRTP support by using the packages provided by...

Enable to build linphone with SRTP support by using the packages provided by GNU/Linux distributions
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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ linphone-3.8.0 -- Date to be defined
* Support for RTP/AVPF (RFCxxxx) for video streams, allowing fast transmission error recovery with VP8 codec only.
* API enhancements, most objects can be ref-counted.
* Call video recording feature, in mkv format (H264 streams only for the moment)
* Support of SRTP by using packages from GNU/Linux distributions
linphone-3.7.0 -- February 20th, 2014
Application level improvements:
......@@ -39,12 +39,7 @@ libglew1.6-dev libv4l-dev libxml2-dev
+ for optional library
$ sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev libgsm1-dev libtheora-dev \
libsoup2.4-dev libsqlite3-dev libupnp4-dev
+ Install srtp (optional) for call encryption :
$ git clone git://
$ cd srtp && autoconf && ./configure && make
$ sudo make install
libsoup2.4-dev libsqlite3-dev libupnp4-dev libsrtp-dev
+ Install zrtp (optional), for unbreakable call encryption
$ git clone git://
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ hot stuff:
* ice support
* run a user given command upon incoming calls
low priority:
mediastreamer2 @ 44fe332e
Subproject commit ce80feec091c75bcb69c4adf42fada7b7f0ffacc
Subproject commit 44fe332ef7a4527397c4474f1f7d0d88491d31f1
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