Commit 2295b9e5 authored by Sandrine Avakian's avatar Sandrine Avakian
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Fixing compilation problem

-video_call_avpf : enables avpf and tests video
-video_call : video call without avpf
parent 3995ab27
......@@ -5698,8 +5698,8 @@ test_t call_tests[] = {
{ "Call with mkv file player", call_with_mkv_file_player},
{ "Audio call with ICE no matching audio codecs", audio_call_with_ice_no_matching_audio_codecs },
{ "Simple video call",video_call_avpf},
//{ "Simple video call",video_call},
{ "Simple video call AVPF",video_call_avpf},
{ "Simple video call",video_call},
{ "Simple ZRTP video call",video_call_zrtp},
{ "Simple DTLS video call",video_call_dtls},
{ "Simple video call using policy",video_call_using_policy},
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