Commit 26df3747 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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update mediastreamer2 and oRTP for bugfix regarding adaptive rate control in audio only.

The rate control algorithm had a bug preventing him to enhance the quality was the network returns fine, and even worse it was setting the worse quality for the rest of the call.
parent 939c0f4c
mediastreamer2 @ 24629216
Subproject commit dc277cd95ec334066948c91dd9bf024c1ff1d933
Subproject commit 2462921605f587a51f82bd439b85fea5bd759b0b
oRTP @ 31d242e8
Subproject commit dbb75fb00c65ce0102385f235c1da2873e9f6c2e
Subproject commit 31d242e8c544ed197f60630593515aef2fb580e9
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