Commit 2780bb69 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Remove declaration of function that is not defined.

parent 173ac0e6
......@@ -491,13 +491,6 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_account_creator_cbs_set_update_account(LinphoneAcc
/************************** End Account Creator Cbs **************************/
* @param[in] creator LinphoneAccountCreator object
* @return A LinphoneProxyConfig object if successful, NULL otherwise
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneProxyConfig * linphone_account_creator_create_proxy_config(const LinphoneAccountCreator *creator);
* Configure an account (create a proxy config and authentication info for it).
* @param[in] creator LinphoneAccountCreator object
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