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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ run msys as Administrator (right click on the icon, and click 'run as administra
* Download the following tar.gz or zips:
- perl (from "msys supplementary tools")
- crypt (from "msys supplementary tools")
- crypt and libcrypt (from "msys supplementary tools")
- automake1.10 (from "mingw automake")
- automake-3-1 (from "mingw automake/wrapper")
- autoconf2.5 (from "autoconf-2.5)
Linphone win32 build HOW-TO
Linphone for windows requires the wxDev-C++ IDE (integrated with mingw32 compiler) from
However wxWidget is not used or required here.
Inno setup compiler is required to make the binary package:
Follows the list of linphone's dependencies:
For engine (ie liblinphone):
1/ libspeex>=1.1.11
2/ libtheora
3/ libogg
4/ libavcodec and libavutil (ffmpeg)
5/ libosip2>=3.1.0
6/ libeXosip2>=3.1.0
7/ libgsm
For the gtk+/glade graphical interface:
8/ gtk+ and all its mandatory dependencies
9/ iconv
10/ libxml2
11/ libglade>=2.4.0
All dependencies must be built with mingw32, gcc>=4.2.0 being required for ffmpeg to get it properly working.
How to get them built is unspecified here.
First build 1-9 items and install them into a linphone-deps directory as follows:
linphone-deps/bin: all dlls
linphone-deps/lib: all lib*.a (interface libraries)
linphone-deps/include: all header files
This linphone-deps directory should be placed next to the linphone base directory (in the same parent directory).
As getting 1-9 dependencies built can be very long and complex (such as for ffmpeg), I provide a linphone-deps bundle so
that you have nothing to do, here:
The simpler to get binaries and header files for 8-11 dependencies is to trust people who are making
binary packages for them :
You can download:
- gtk+>=2.12.2 all-in-one bundle
or directly
- iconv from
- libxml2 from
- libglade bin and dev package from
or directly
Unzip gtk+ bundle, iconv and libxml2 into the same directory as "linphone-deps"
Inside the gtk+ bundle, unzip libglade bin and dev zips.
Once you have all this, you are ready to build linphone.
With wxDev-C++, open the following .dev files included in linphone's source tree,
and for each of them click on the "rebuild all" wxDev-C++ menu item:
Now you just need to make a binary package with Inno Setup Compiler.
With this tool, open
and click "compile" to generate the setup.exe
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