Commit 2ce9d4ec authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix bug in stats update JNI upcall, since introduction of text stream

parent f5a8a0c8
......@@ -944,8 +944,11 @@ public:
callobj = getCall(env, call);
if (stats->type == LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_AUDIO)
env->CallVoidMethod(callobj, ljb->callSetAudioStatsId, statsobj);
else if (stats->type == LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_VIDEO){
env->CallVoidMethod(callobj, ljb->callSetVideoStatsId, statsobj);
//text stats not updated yet.
env->CallVoidMethod(lcData->listener, ljb->callStatsUpdatedId, lcData->core, callobj, statsobj);
handle_possible_java_exception(env, lcData->listener);
if (statsobj) env->DeleteLocalRef(statsobj);
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