Commit 3080862c authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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add test for a rare crash

parent c0048ed8
mediastreamer2 @ 66423e00
Subproject commit 07d69113f6e19a2f72ebfe99f5c2af3e7b7e5f2a
Subproject commit 66423e00293dc6f840428ad0e5dabd52f1ec0115
oRTP @ 4b85949a
Subproject commit d98a04c13d0a670f77daeb9f7cc97d5d30cc713d
Subproject commit 4b85949abbca071b17c65efe48e03d632718fa59
......@@ -5383,7 +5383,7 @@ static void call_with_network_reachable_down_in_callback(void){
linphone_core_cbs_set_call_state_changed(cbs, my_call_state_changed_cb);
marie = linphone_core_manager_new("marie_rc");
marie = linphone_core_manager_new("laure_rc_udp");
linphone_core_add_callbacks(marie->lc, cbs);
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