Commit 30b270f2 authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(MainDb): avoid old c-style cast

parent 58e0b47a
......@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ shared_ptr<EventLog> MainDbPrivate::selectConferenceChatMessageEvent (
ChatMessagePrivate *dChatMessage = chatMessage->getPrivate();
ChatMessage::State messageState = (ChatMessage::State) row.get<int>(7);
ChatMessage::State messageState = ChatMessage::State(row.get<int>(7));
// This is necessary if linphone has crashed while sending a message. It will set the correct state so the user can resend it.
if (messageState == ChatMessage::State::Idle || messageState == ChatMessage::State::InProgress)
messageState = ChatMessage::State::NotDelivered;
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