Commit 4088bdd4 authored by DanmeiChen's avatar DanmeiChen
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fix workaround: ios rootca reset problem (when merge with master, need to be aborted)

parent 7e1d72b7
......@@ -76,8 +76,10 @@ IosPlatformHelpers::IosPlatformHelpers (LinphoneCore *lc, void *system_context)
mCpuLockTaskId = 0;
string rootCaPath = getResourcePath(CFSTR("org.linphone.linphone"), CFSTR("rootca.pem"));
if (!rootCaPath.empty())
linphone_core_set_root_ca(lc, rootCaPath.c_str());
if (!rootCaPath.empty()) {
// fix workaround rootca reset
//linphone_core_set_root_ca(lc, rootCaPath.c_str());
lError() << "IosPlatformHelpers did not find rootca.pem resource";
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