Commit 4392e2ff authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Rename SDP invites tests

parent 77f4e6d2
......@@ -3447,9 +3447,9 @@ test_t call_tests[] = {
{ "Call with custom supported tags", call_with_custom_supported_tags },
{ "Call log from taken from asserted id",call_log_from_taken_from_p_asserted_id},
{ "Incoming INVITE without SDP",incoming_invite_without_sdp},
{ "Outgoing INVITE without SDP",outgoing_invite_without_sdp},
{ "Incoming REINVITE without SDP in ACK",incoming_reinvite_without_ack_sdp},
{ "Outgoing REINVITE without SDP in ACK",outgoing_reinvite_without_ack_sdp},
{ "Outgoing INVITE without ACK SDP",outgoing_invite_without_sdp},
{ "Incoming REINVITE without SDP",incoming_reinvite_without_ack_sdp},
{ "Outgoing REINVITE without ACK SDP",outgoing_reinvite_without_ack_sdp},
test_suite_t call_test_suite = {
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