Commit 46be0d84 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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move vp8 mime type from: VP8-DRAFT-0-3-2 to VP8

parent 61cab5f7
......@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ static const char *codec_pref_order[]={
mediastreamer2 @ 6250d36e
Subproject commit a9c4b3e4a427c991c0abe4670cf39ffcbb231995
Subproject commit 6250d36e495862f52d36a29e6f53994a16bffc77
oRTP @ b44c6de6
Subproject commit ec28d996924a48d8bf2471cff10bb331533a183e
Subproject commit b44c6de6b63bf25cc4d144100811ab65ef7a5ba8
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