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switch to 4CIF value

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parent 7c424dda
...@@ -512,8 +512,8 @@ static int enc_set_br(MSFilter *f, void *arg){ ...@@ -512,8 +512,8 @@ static int enc_set_br(MSFilter *f, void *arg){
bool_t snow=s->codec==CODEC_ID_SNOW; bool_t snow=s->codec==CODEC_ID_SNOW;
s->maxbr=*(int*)arg; s->maxbr=*(int*)arg;
if (s->maxbr>=1024000 && s->codec!=CODEC_ID_H263P){ if (s->maxbr>=1024000 && s->codec!=CODEC_ID_H263P){
s->vsize.width = MS_VIDEO_SIZE_1024_W; s->vsize.width = MS_VIDEO_SIZE_4CIF_W;
s->vsize.height = MS_VIDEO_SIZE_1024_H; s->vsize.height = MS_VIDEO_SIZE_4CIF_H;
s->fps=17; s->fps=17;
}else if (s->maxbr>=512000){ }else if (s->maxbr>=512000){
s->vsize.width=MS_VIDEO_SIZE_CIF_W; s->vsize.width=MS_VIDEO_SIZE_CIF_W;
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