Commit 4a814588 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix compilation with Visual Studio.

parent 4e9d8a1e
......@@ -221,21 +221,27 @@ static int processDoc(xmlNode *node, xml2lpc_context *ctx) {
static int internal_convert_xml2lpc(xml2lpc_context *ctx) {
xmlNode *rootNode;
int ret;
xml2lpc_log(ctx, XML2LPC_DEBUG, "Parse started");
xmlNode *rootNode = xmlDocGetRootElement(ctx->doc);
rootNode = xmlDocGetRootElement(ctx->doc);
//dumpNodes(0, rootNode, cbf, ctx);
int ret = processDoc(rootNode, ctx);
ret = processDoc(rootNode, ctx);
xml2lpc_log(ctx, XML2LPC_DEBUG, "Parse ended ret:%d", ret);
return ret;
int xml2lpc_validate(xml2lpc_context *xmlCtx) {
xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr validCtx;
xmlSchemaParserCtxtPtr parserCtx = xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt(xmlCtx->xsd);
xmlSchemaParserCtxtPtr parserCtx;
int ret;
parserCtx = xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt(xmlCtx->xsd);
validCtx = xmlSchemaNewValidCtxt(xmlSchemaParse(parserCtx));
xmlSchemaSetValidErrors(validCtx, xml2lpc_genericxml_error, xml2lpc_genericxml_warning, xmlCtx);
int ret = xmlSchemaValidateDoc(validCtx, xmlCtx->doc);
ret = xmlSchemaValidateDoc(validCtx, xmlCtx->doc);
if(ret > 0) {
if(strlen(xmlCtx->warningBuffer) > 0)
xml2lpc_log(xmlCtx, XML2LPC_WARNING, "%s", xmlCtx->warningBuffer);
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