Commit 4c2de4f5 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Disable dummy STUN packets sending when ICE is activated.

parent 74c255f3
......@@ -2215,9 +2215,8 @@ static void _linphone_call_prepare_ice_for_stream(LinphoneCall *call, int stream
ice_session_add_check_list(call->ice_session, cl, stream_index);
ms_message("Created new ICE check list for stream [%i]",stream_index);
if (cl){
ms->ice_check_list = cl;
ice_check_list_set_rtp_session(ms->ice_check_list, ms->sessions.rtp_session);
if (cl) {
media_stream_set_ice_check_list(ms, cl);
......@@ -4401,7 +4400,9 @@ void linphone_call_handle_stream_events(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
if (ms){
/* Ensure there is no dangling ICE check list. */
if (call->ice_session == NULL) ms->ice_check_list = NULL;
if (call->ice_session == NULL) {
media_stream_set_ice_check_list(ms, NULL);
case MSAudio:
mediastreamer2 @ 5bf8cb07
Subproject commit bcd3042a1984088a78a7517774300b0a6647506d
Subproject commit 5bf8cb0768e7f4ef78e1cac27e365602fc00648e
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