Commit 4d277538 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Makes to interpret \bctbxlist balises while parsing events'arguments

parent badd672b
......@@ -489,7 +489,14 @@ class Project:
elif spacePos != -1:
argType = argdef[0 : spacePos]
argName = argdef[spacePos + 1 :]
argslist.addArgument(CArgument(argType, argName, self.enums, self.__structs))
arg = CArgument(argType, argName, self.enums, self.__structs)
if arg.ctype == 'MSList' or arg.ctype == 'bctbx_list_t':
for argentry in node.findall("detaileddescription/para/parameterlist[@kind='param']/*"):
if argentry.find("parameternamelist[parametername='{0}']".format(argName)) is not None:
containedType = argentry.find("parameterdescription//bctbxlist")
arg.containedType = containedType.text if containedType is not None else None
if len(argslist) > 0:
paramdescs = node.findall("detaileddescription/para/parameterlist[@kind='param']/parameteritem")
if paramdescs:
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