Commit 5079caf6 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix mysterious crash

parent f2b26e93
......@@ -30,26 +30,30 @@ typedef int lppid_t;
typedef pid_t lppid_t;
static const gchar *_bc_status_notifier_category_to_string[] = {
const gchar *bc_status_notifier_category_to_string(BcStatusNotifierCategory c) {
return _bc_status_notifier_category_to_string[c];
case BcStatusNotifierCategoryApplicationStatus:
return "ApplicationStatus";
case BcStatusNotifierCategoryCommunications:
return "Communications";
case BcStatusNotifierCategorySystemService:
return "SystemServices";
case BcStatusNotifierCategoryHardware:
return "Hardware";
return "bad category";
static const gchar *_bc_status_notifier_status_to_string[] = {
const gchar *bc_status_notifier_status_to_string(BcStatusNotifierStatus s) {
return _bc_status_notifier_status_to_string[s];
case BcStatusNotifierStatusPassive:
return "Passive";
case BcStatusNotifierStatusActive:
return "Active";
case BcStatusNotifierStatusNeedsAttention:
return "NeedsAttention";
return "badstatus";
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