Commit 55900bbf authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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chat: add possibility to use Lime conditionnally (when secrets have been shared only)

parent c64cf6b4
......@@ -264,6 +264,10 @@ LinphoneChatRoom *linphone_core_get_chat_room_from_uri(LinphoneCore *lc, const c
return _linphone_core_get_or_create_chat_room(lc, to);
bool_t linphone_chat_room_lime_enabled(LinphoneChatRoom *cr) {
return linphone_core_lime_enabled(cr->lc) != LinphoneLimeDisabled/*&& TODO: check that cr->peer_url has a verified token */;
static void linphone_chat_room_delete_composing_idle_timer(LinphoneChatRoom *cr) {
if (cr->composing_idle_timer) {
if (cr->lc && cr->lc->sal)
......@@ -377,7 +381,7 @@ void _linphone_chat_room_send_message(LinphoneChatRoom *cr, LinphoneChatMessage
char *peer_uri = linphone_address_as_string_uri_only(linphone_chat_room_get_peer_address(cr));
const char *content_type;
if (linphone_core_lime_enabled(cr->lc)) {
if (linphone_chat_room_lime_enabled(cr)) {
/* ref the msg or it may be destroyed by callback if the encryption failed */
if (msg->content_type && strcmp(msg->content_type, "application/vnd.gsma.rcs-ft-http+xml") == 0) {
/* it's a file transfer, content type shall be set to
......@@ -172,7 +172,8 @@ static void linphone_chat_message_process_response_from_post_file(void *data,
belle_sip_body_handler_t *first_part_bh;
/* shall we encrypt the file */
if (linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(msg->chat_room->lc)) {
if (linphone_chat_room_lime_enabled(msg->chat_room) &&
linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(msg->chat_room->lc)) {
char keyBuffer
[FILE_TRANSFER_KEY_SIZE]; /* temporary storage of generated key: 192 bits of key + 64 bits of
initial vector */
......@@ -1856,18 +1856,22 @@ bool_t linphone_core_get_guess_hostname(LinphoneCore *lc){
return lc->sip_conf.guess_hostname;
void linphone_core_enable_lime(LinphoneCore *lc, bool_t val){
void linphone_core_enable_lime(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneLimeState val){
if (linphone_core_ready(lc)){
bool_t linphone_core_lime_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc){
return (lp_config_get_int(lc->config,"sip", "lime", FALSE) && lime_is_available());
LinphoneLimeState linphone_core_lime_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc){
return lime_is_available() ? lp_config_get_int(lc->config,"sip", "lime", LinphoneLimeDisabled) : LinphoneLimeDisabled;
bool_t linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc){
return linphone_core_lime_enabled(lc) && (lp_config_get_int(lc->config,"sip", "lime_for_file_sharing", TRUE) && lime_is_available());
LinphoneLimeState linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc){
LinphoneLimeState s = linphone_core_lime_enabled(lc);
if (s != LinphoneLimeDisabled) {
s = lp_config_get_int(lc->config,"sip", "lime_for_file_sharing", LinphoneLimeMandatory);
return s;
LinphoneAddress *linphone_core_get_primary_contact_parsed(LinphoneCore *lc){
......@@ -1241,6 +1241,12 @@ typedef enum _LinphoneChatMessageState {
LinphoneChatMessageStateFileTransferDone /**< File transfer has been completed successfully. */
} LinphoneChatMessageState;
typedef enum _LinphoneLimeState {
LinphoneLimeDisabled, /**< Lime is not used at all */
LinphoneLimeMandatory, /**< Lime is always used */
LinphoneLimePreferred, /**< Lime is used only if we already shared a secret with remote */
} LinphoneLimeState;
* Call back used to notify message delivery status
* @param msg #LinphoneChatMessage object
......@@ -2566,8 +2572,8 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_core_get_guess_hostname(LinphoneCore *lc);
* Tells to LinphoneCore to use Linphone Instant Messaging encryption
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_enable_lime(LinphoneCore *lc, bool_t val);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_core_lime_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_enable_lime(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneLimeState val);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneLimeState linphone_core_lime_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_core_ipv6_enabled(LinphoneCore *lc);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_enable_ipv6(LinphoneCore *lc, bool_t val);
......@@ -153,16 +153,16 @@ struct _LinphoneCallParams{
bool_t has_video;
bool_t avpf_enabled; /* RTCP feedback messages are enabled */
bool_t implicit_rtcp_fb;
bool_t real_early_media; /*send real media even during early media (for outgoing calls)*/
bool_t in_conference; /*in conference mode */
bool_t low_bandwidth;
bool_t no_user_consent;/*when set to TRUE an UPDATE request will be used instead of reINVITE*/
uint16_t avpf_rr_interval; /*in milliseconds*/
bool_t internal_call_update; /*use mark that call update was requested internally (might be by ice) - unused for the moment*/
bool_t video_multicast_enabled;
bool_t audio_multicast_enabled;
bool_t realtimetext_enabled;
bool_t update_call_when_ice_completed;
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ struct _LinphoneCall{
bool_t paused_by_app;
bool_t broken; /*set to TRUE when the call is in broken state due to network disconnection or transport */
LinphoneConference *conf_ref; /**> Point on the associated conference if this call is part of a conference. NULL instead. */
......@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ void linphone_proxy_config_stop_refreshing(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj);
void linphone_proxy_config_write_all_to_config_file(LinphoneCore *lc);
void _linphone_proxy_config_release(LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg);
void _linphone_proxy_config_unpublish(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj);
* returns service route as defined in as defined by rfc3608, might be a list instead of just one.
* Can be NULL
......@@ -574,6 +574,7 @@ int linphone_chat_room_upload_file(LinphoneChatMessage *msg);
void _linphone_chat_room_send_message(LinphoneChatRoom *cr, LinphoneChatMessage *msg);
LinphoneChatMessageCbs *linphone_chat_message_cbs_new(void);
LinphoneChatRoom *_linphone_core_create_chat_room_from_call(LinphoneCall *call);
bool_t linphone_chat_room_lime_enabled(LinphoneChatRoom *cr);
struct _LinphoneProxyConfig
......@@ -930,12 +931,12 @@ struct _LinphoneCore
bool_t auto_net_state_mon;
bool_t sip_network_reachable;
bool_t media_network_reachable;
bool_t network_reachable_to_be_notified; /*set to true when state must be notified in next iterate*/
bool_t use_preview_window;
bool_t network_last_status;
bool_t ringstream_autorelease;
bool_t vtables_running;
bool_t send_call_stats_periodical_updates;
bool_t forced_ice_relay;
......@@ -1440,14 +1441,14 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC void _linphone_core_add_listener(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCoreV
LINPHONE_PUBLIC MSWebCam *linphone_call_get_video_device(const LinphoneCall *call);
MSWebCam *get_nowebcam_device(MSFactory *f);
bool_t linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc);
LinphoneLimeState linphone_core_lime_for_file_sharing_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc);
int linphone_core_get_default_proxy_config_index(LinphoneCore *lc);
char *linphone_presence_model_to_xml(LinphonePresenceModel *model) ;
#ifdef __cplusplus
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