Commit 5616a97e authored by Benjamin REIS's avatar Benjamin REIS
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fix crash in received_rtcp analysis

parent 2d40dd71
......@@ -4185,8 +4185,8 @@ float linphone_call_stats_get_receiver_loss_rate(const LinphoneCallStats *stats)
else if (rtcp_is_SR(stats->received_rtcp))
rrb = rtcp_SR_get_report_block(stats->received_rtcp, 0);
if (rrb) break;
}while (rtcp_next_packet(stats->sent_rtcp));
}while (rtcp_next_packet(stats->received_rtcp));
if (!rrb)
return 0.0;
return 100.0f * report_block_get_fraction_lost(rrb) / 256.0f;
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